Monday, October 15, 2012

Creative Finder – A social network for and by creatives

This week I’d like to share this up and coming social network for creatives, Creative Finder.  It’s a professional social network just like LinkedIn. You not only create a portfolio of your work, you enter your CV or resume as well as awards and people with whom you have worked.  

TIP: If you have fully filled out your LinkedIn profile just enter that link in the resume/CV area of your Creative Finder profile.

Creative Finder has been around for three years and earlier this year it revamped its layout. Like any social network you can follow others and like what they share. You can also find creatives to hire or as a creative, find a job in the job listings. And Creative Finder is well hooked into all the popular social networks.

TIP: Be sure to connect to your other social networks. You do this by hovering your cursor over “My account” which brings up a menu. You'll see “Connect to social networks” at the bottom of that menu.

Creative Finder is not as smooth as LinkedIn or the other social networks. It does still have some growing to do, but I think it’s another great venue for visual artists to connect with potential buyers, employers as well as fans.

Joanne Elliott of Social SpriteMedia Services brings this column to NWCU every week. If you're a creative seeking advice on spreading the good news about your work, we're here to help!

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  1. Very interesting Joanne! Thanks for sharing this!

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