Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekly Designate for #Creativity 10.10.12 @NWCreativeUnion

New World Creative Union is proud to honor not one, but two of the brave souls who stepped up to answer our Wednesday Wake Up Call.

As we search for ways to reach out to our youth and provide them with forums to express their creativity, 12 year old, Lauren Head, who blogs at Broken Wings & Pretty Things, takes home our badge this week with her photo and quote combination that can be found here.

Fred Rutherford is a familiar face, and a very creative one at that! Fred blogs at PoeticalPsyche and Squirm, but takes home this weeks prize with a written response that can be found here.

Congratulations to both our winners! We look forward to seeing more of your creativity in free-flow and hope to see you at our next Wednesday Wake Up Call!

Every Wednesday, we'll be prompting creativity! Each week, our winner is selected by the number of +1's that are found on the post as of Sunday morning.


  1. Congratulations Lauren and Fred! Thank you for sharing your work with us!

  2. Thanks, it's an honor. Really like the site a lot, love the way it's framed around getting the most out of one's creativity, and the fact that you're able to express yourself in whatever medium you feel inspired towards is just amazing and freeing. Congrats to Lauren, honored to share the award with you.

  3. Excited for you Lauren you deserve it. Fred you are a keeper- thanks for all your encouragement of NWCU