Monday, October 8, 2012

Let’s Endorse One Another on LinkedIn

Over the past couple of months LinkedIn has made a lot of changes. This week’s tip has to do with the improved personal profiles, specifically the new “Endorsements” feature.

In the “Skills and Expertise” section of your profile the skills you have listed have been turned into clickable buttons. When someone clicks on one of your particular skills it counts as an endorsement. If you have “Poetry” listed on your profile as a skill all your connections can click on it and endorse you. When someone is checking out your profile they’ll see that you are a poet loved by many.

Even though this feature isn't connected to LinkedIn search it is still important. It lets the world know more about you in a way that shows that others respect your gifts and talents. It’s simpler than having someone write a recommendation and its impact can be greater if you have 100 endorsements for a particular skill. And I'm sure that at some point it will be connected to their search.

So if you haven’t filled out the “Skills and Expertise” section of your profile on LinkedIn get over there and do it now. And be sure to visit your friends and endorse their skills because that’s what we do here at the New World Creative Union.

Joanne Elliott of Social Sprite Media Services brings this column to NWCU every week. If you're a creative seeking advice on spreading the good news about your work, we're here to help!

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  1. Awesome post, Joanne! Linked in is one of those sites I first joined, and tends to be forgotten. The numbers it's touting lately as well as its changes can't be ignored...looks like I'll be spending some time revisiting!

  2. Thanks Natasha! It is definitely worth the effort.

  3. I've noticed the emails coming in about this and reciprocate endorsements when I get one. The other day when I endorsed one I kept getting more recommendations and must have endorsed 40 or so people before I stopped realize it could keep going for hundreds more endorsements. Still, it's a cool idea and I'll keep endorsing a few at a time.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Lee, it's a good idea that you are pacing yourself. This social media thing can be time consuming. The Endorsement feature is a cool idea and I'm looking forward to what else LinkedIn has up their sleeve.