Monday, October 8, 2012

Award for Creativity Designate 03.10.12 Joan Barrett Roberts

Each Wednesday, The NWCU invites you to explore your creative side with The Wednesday Wake Up Call. We ask you to reach beyond your chosen medium, step outside of your comfort zone, and really play with those creative juices.  At the end of the prompt time, the Google +1's are tallied, and the Creative Designate for the week is chosen.

This week we are honored to share our Award for Creativity with Joan Barrett Roberts.  Joanie is new to NWCU, and her energy and support has been amazing! You can view her winning entry here...and read on to learn a little more about Joanie.

With co-owner Dona Leecraft, Joan presently operates Shadowleaves Company...the snippet from their Facebook Page could be one reason why we resonate so well to Joan ;)

Shadowleaves mission is to help people connect with others. Writers, artists, photographers, musicians, designers, students, parents of all ages and of course our grandchildren -- connecting the creative to action!

Company Overview
To share the joy of writing, photography, music and art with others.
Also, an educational project-based publication company

Joan also has a full profile available in our artist directory, is an avid tweeter, and a grand supporter of poetry and the written word, as well as all art forms through her blog and Shadowleaves

It's a big congratulations we're sending out to Joan, who takes home this weeks badge...and we look forward to seeing you next week when Leslie Moon will be prompting creativity at The Wednesday Wake Up Call!


  1. Congratulations Joan! Wonderful to have you here :)

  2. Wonderful! Congratulations Joan! You're poem was beautiful...enjoy the shine today!

  3. Congratulations Joan! Your poem was a beautiful contribution to the Wednesday Wake Up Call.