Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sunday Snap Shot at NWCU 28.10.12

Join me (Leslie Moon)as we at NWCU enjoy the sights and sounds of fall...

Fall is so full of inspiration. The colors, the sounds, the life that speeds up to beat the winter - all part of fall. Today at Sunday Snapshot - feel the cool air, watch the animals store food, smell the spices wafting in the air and be inspired. Write, sculpt, paint, imagine... George Winston's autumn collection can't help but get the creative juices flowing
Our rules are simple:

  • Post your work, be it writing, poetry, fiction, prose, painting, sculpture, anything at all, to your blog. 
  • Copy the address of the specific post and give Mr. Linky a click. You'll be asked for your link and your name. Once entered, click submit...and your in! 
  • Visit others who are sharing their work. Let them know you appreciate their efforts, just as you hope they appreciate yours. It's just good manners to repay kindness. 
  • Share and tweet to your hearts content. We're all about getting your good works to the masses! Encourage readers to click that +1 button...and let them know you are enjoying the New World Creative Union.
  •  Let your creativity run wild! 

 Have fun- from all of us at The New World Creative Union 
 Please feel free to post your work until this Wednesday the 31st of October.


  1. I have been soaking in the sights and sounds of fall. Hope you enjoy this prompt / have fun with it and happy Sunday Snap Shot.

  2. Happy Sunday Leslie! Thanks so much for the back soon!

    1. Always love what comes from your creative mind

  3. Happy Sunday, Leslie! I have been raking up after fall's party today. Now, I'll see how it inspires while combined with your wonderful inspiration.

    1. Thanks Beth cant wait to see what fall inspires in others

  4. Fall is a wonderful time of year. We were inspired by the colours
    and by the music Lady's Knight

  5. Lots of people have Sandy on their mind
    Please take care friends of NWCU that will be affected