Sunday, October 14, 2012

Welcome to the NWCU Sunday Snapshot #NWCU #ART #photography

Today is The New World Creative Union’s first Sunday Snapshot. We would like to welcome each of you especially our guest photographer Terence Jones.

I (Leslie Moon) met Terence several years ago on Flickr. I was entranced with his work; several of my archived poems have his black and white photographs as the prompts.

Look through the aperture with Terence and experience art...

What is your favorite subject to shoot?

“I usually want to capture something that is lost in every day’s speed. I just realized this extremely old iron rail in front of my window. It is probably eighty years old, has seen wars, births, deaths; it is a silent witness of what happened here.”

How does black and white impact your expression?
“Very much actually. Colors force the viewer to see the picture in a pre-defined way. In shooting black and white, I believe that  the perception is more genuine and not necessarily linked to former experience. It is more pure, more about the picture itself.”

What would you suggest to people just starting out?
“I believe in the Tradition of the Sun (Coelho). Go the extra mile, explore, get in touch and connect with what you are doing. You have to touch it yourself. Go out from the beginning and have fun.”
For those of you who are curious, Terence shoots with a Canon EOS 7D. His primary lens is the Canon 50mm. He is a shallow depth of field addict; usually shoots almost wide open at f/2.0.

I hope you like the collage that I put together so you can see the scope of Terence's work.

Thanks Terence for the inspiring pictures!!!

We are striving  to create a community of artists with the NWCU Sunday Snapshot. There is such a diverse talent out there. I enjoy each day of discovery.

Please feel free to link a favorite piece you have written, drawn, cooked. We always appreciate your sharing the work of others in the community.
Best to you in the coming week as you create ~ Moondustwriter 

Please enjoy Terence's gallery 


  1. What a great first NWCU Sunday Snapshot, Leslie! I really enjoyed experiencing the work of Terrance S. Jones' black and white compositions! Kudos, Leslie!

    Roger ☺

  2. Thanks for sharing Terrance's work Leslie. I love black and white photography. I agree with him when he says it causes the viewer to really "see" what is in an image.

  3. Welcome Terrance! Honored to be brought to your work in such a way...and I LOVE that you have to "touch it go out from the beginning..." The photographs are wonderful...the depth of black&white...the nuances and hidden surprises in the shadows, have always intrigued me...and I am proud owner of a good number of magazines featuring black & white photography, but find my own attempts sadly lacking the character that just flows from your work. Leslie...thanks so much for bringing such a talent our way! Now..what to create in honor of this visit! :)

  4. I had some technical difficulties with Blogger so could not download all of Terence's interview. For a bio ck here and for his personal blog ck here

    He is putting together something called the Punkt project A project being formed by a group of photographers - worth checking out in the weeks to come

  5. Amazing photography. Well done Terence and Leslie! Thank you.

  6. Enjoyed Terence's work - thanks

  7. Thank you for sharing Terrence and his work with us Leslie! Black and white photography has always intrigued me.

  8. Hello there,
    Interesting meeting this photographer through you.
    Hope this meme will work out.