Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Snap Shot - Converging Creativity 11.11.12

Welcome to New World Creative Union and Sunday Snap Shot.
We strive at NWCU to inspire creative thought that can be translated into multiple genres of art.
I met Michael Burgoyne on Twitter (@MB_IndiePoet8) and fell in love with his poetry. His work has inspired several of my shots and more poetry. Today I asked Michael to collaborate our creativity and see what emerges. He took a photograph of mine and wrote a poem from it. I took a poem of his and was inspired to shoot a picture. I believe all of us can be inspired by art or by words. Is there someone in your sphere whose work you admire? 
Here's the challenge - develop your work off the art or words of another. That person could be a friend, a famous person, or someone you have seen around the blogsphere. Please be sure to attribute that person's work and join us as we strive toward a greater level of creativity!!!
Fall's Window - L. Moon  (c) 2012
Peering in Prisms

Peering in prisms
repelling shadows
luminating dawn's inception
upon a mosaic splattered canvas
enticing through transparent glass
erupting visions
electrifying the synaptic cleft of the mind
towards the awakening
ultimate enlightenment
sparking heavenly life
carried with the winds of tranquility
the breath of meditation
providing spiritual guidance
upon the wings of eternal glory
culminated in the ascent
the journey to our divine mountain peak
foreshadowed in the highlands of our faith derived dreams

Michael Timothy Burgoyne (c) 2012

Rainbow manic dawn
silhouettes our celestial canvas
echoing with a vibrant breeze
whispering in stereophonics
trailblazers you are

Michael Timothy Burgoyne (c) 2012

Painting fall in a rainbow L. Moon (c) 2012

I asked Michael what his creative process was.
"Simply, all I do is look at the images, have it spark some type of emotion or creative flow, and I run with it. I allow the image or the idea to consume me. Sometimes the words pour out of me while with others the creative process takes quite awhile."

Thanks Michael for letting your creativity to flow at The New World Creative Union.

The rules are as follows:

  • Post your work, be it writing, poetry, fiction, prose, painting, sculpture, anything at all, to your blog. 
  • Copy the address of the specific post and give Mr. Linky a click. You'll be asked for your link and your name. Once entered, click submit...and your in! 
  • Visit others who are sharing their work. Let them know you appreciate their efforts, just as you hope they appreciate yours. It's just good manners to repay kindness. 
  • Share and tweet to your heart's content. We're all about getting your good works to the masses! Encourage readers to click that +1 button...and let them know you are enjoying the New World Creative Union.
  •  Let your creativity run wild! 

 Have fun - from all of us at The New World Creative Union 
 Please feel free to post your work until this Wednesday the 14th of November.



  1. Thanks Michael for sharing two of your poems to inspire others.
    If you find no link up please come back in a bit with your link
    Thanks and happy creating

  2. I've just connected with Michael and have been enjoying his words in the twitterverse...ha...divine intervention? Wonderful surprise indeed! Welcome Michael and Leslie...thanks for a great collaboration. Team work rocks! :)

    1. yes he is one to follow to be sure. Glad you enjoy Michael
      Thanks Natasha!

  3. Great challenge! Love the exchange of photos and words. So glad to be introduced to Michael.

  4. love it. wrote mine a while back but if influences of dead poets count this one fits :)

  5. Great artistic work - I'm always delighted by the creative gifts