Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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With the holiday season upon us, we're going to give you lots of ways to let your creativity run with this one.
Pat Hatt has authored many children's books and the one constant throughout these and his popular blog Rhymetime24, is just that...the rhyme.  Today, we want you to find your you have a go to form or medium that helps you bust out of your ruts? This time, we ask you to welcome the comfort zone, embrace the medium where you find your expression comes through loud and clear.  Then...take that medium, and embrace the fairy tales of old (or new) Stories with a moral have helped us teach our children the simplest of lessons.  The boy who cried wolf, bad kids dropped in the woods for the wicked witch to feast upon, or even a dragon who has yet to find his flame.

Pat Hatt, in his most recent work, brings Honk the Zagonk to life in a beautifully illustrated children's tale. Poor Honk has yet to breath the flames of his peers, but when the Frost Giant lands to wreck havoc, it is the Honk of Zagonk that saves the day. Being different isn't always a bad thing, eh?

So today...if you have little ones itching for something to read, give Zagonk a Honk and support one of our own...or tell us your own story...create the characters, write the words, where ever your imagination takes you...let it run! How can we use our art and creations for the generation coming up behind us. For the children. This time of year, they help us make the most of the season, reminding us of the magic...let's create for them.

Here's how to play:

  • Post your creation to your blog.
  • Copy the exact address of your specific blog post
  • Click the Mr.Linky button below. Here you will be asked to add your post address and your name.
  • Click submit...and you're in!
  • Visit others who are sharing their work. Share, tweet, +1, Spread the love!
  • Most of all...know we are wishing each and everyone a most fantastic holiday season ahead, no matter what you call it. Let light, love and peace fill your hearts...and send it back out into the world with a vengeance...we need it more than ever.


  1. Thanks for the shout, should be fun to see what comes about!

  2. cool prompt. Thanks, Natasha. Happy Holidays to everyone. Sheila

  3. great prompt and nice to lay fer a bit in my comfort zone :)

  4. I posted an old one for this, ignoring your pleas for rhyme, but definitely in my comfort zone. I have enjoyed the poems so far and will be back for more. You can always attract me with plays on the old tales.

  5. Very fun prompt. Had a piece I did a while back that I think fit perfectly here, so glad to get another chance to share it. All 3 pieces linked up right now are very good and love how the creativity flows here. Look forward to seeing all the others that share with us this week.

  6. I took a spin on Grimm since it is the 200 year anniversary celebrating their works. I have to say I appreciate the brothers Grimm as they inspired the fanciful in children but they laid down a strong moral teaching as well.
    Thanks for the prompt Natasha

  7. I cheated and recycled one I had written, but it goes well with the prompt. I did rerecord my reading of it...does that count? :)