Sunday, December 16, 2012

NWCU Sunday Snapshot 16.12.12

Welcome to our Sunday Snapshot! I'm Joanne Elliott and today I want to share the photography of my husband Charles Elliott. A few years ago he experimented with the contrast of some photos. He wanted to look at things in different ways. He came up with these evocative images. I can't wait to see what his work inspires!

So have a look and bring your own way of seeing/experiencing to the painting, sculpture, poem, short story, etc. that you create. And as always be sure to share it with us by clicking on Mr. Linky below and sharing a link to your creation.

B & B Bed Before Breakfast

Morning Waits at the Window

Port Decanter

Still Life

Sky From Calgary Airport

Tree of Knowledge, Whittier College Library

Mara Lets Down Her Hair

Woman Removing Jacket

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  1. Thanks for sharing Charles and his fantastic work with us this week Joanne...was hard to pick just one, and will no doubt be returning as I do believe my muse has taken the holiday off! ;)

    1. You're welcome. Love what you were inspired to create!

  2. some really cool compositions charles....i like the creative us of color and some really neat perspective as well....evocative...i like...

  3. Very nice post Joanne and appreciate your husband's work.

    Leslie Moon

  4. Real windows, light, and
    another opening in the lab
    showing tomorrow: pores,
    see, tiny holes for gold to
    fall through and then stretch
    shadows away, long gone
    thru bottles we drink and
    tall tales we tell endlessly.

    Stimulation: your pics! Thanks,

  5. Charles, your photography is great! I like the use if different textures & colors. I also love your use of the interactions between light & shadow ~ one of my favorite themes. Thanks for sharing sone of your photo work with us.

  6. I love the photography...such a creative series. Thanks for sharing your husband's work Joanne.