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NWCU Sunday Book Talk 06.01.13 - Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising
No-Eyes' Vision of the Changes to Come
by Mary Summer Rain

"There are those who are skeptics. There are those who are doubters. And there are those who prefer to don rose-colored glasses. To these ones, I have no words for they have made their choice, though the signs have been many.

Yet there are those who wonder. There are those who have gentle stirrings. And there are those who have stepped upon the beautiful threshold of awareness--all on the verge of perceiving that which is there to see. To these ones, I say, open your exquisite senses. Look with fine clarity into that which is beyond and beneath, within and without. In these coming and critical times, listen to and heed the directives of your spirits that retain the high wisdom you are just now perceiving."

From this author note, the reader turns the page and becomes an active participant in the lessons offered from No-Eyes, Medicine Woman of the Chippewa Nation to her student, Summer (the author, Mary Summer Rain). The book is written in dialogue and dialect that the reader must become accustomed to but once the voices become familiar, the records of these predictions both intrigue and entrance the reader.

No-Eyes teaches that the Earth Mother will give birth to the Great Phoenix and the birth will be painful, rending and destructive yet in the end, the inhabitants of the earth will learn to live in the Earthways of the Indian people without a need for government or wars or taxation. All people will be equal but reaching that point will take an extreme toll on life as we know it.

I admit that this book was emotionally stressful to experience. No-Eyes predicted disaster after disaster and sadly, each felt familiar to me as if we are living in the time of the birth of the Phoenix. She predicted economic failures with jobs being relocated to other countries, natural disasters like unprecedented flooding and extreme storms, an increase in transportation accidents, freak deaths, increased homicide and suicide rates, diseases, arms escalation, discord between nations, undeclared wars, and government secrecy.

Her vision revealed a break in the separation of church and state with religious factions becoming more influential in political decisions. People would see evidence of paranormal and alien intelligence and question the government's stance in suppression of such evidence.

She predicted two major nuclear meltdowns with catastrophic pollution of land and waterways. The Earth Mother would reject the radioactive waste that we have carelessly buried under her skin, forcing it to seep through the surface, exposing the living to the burning poisons.

Then comes the time of civil unrest. Three laws will be passed without input from the people. An uncontrollably large number of people will refuse to pay taxes to the government, more than the enforcement personnel can handle. The draft will be reinstated and people will move to protect their young men from senseless risk and death. Government agencies will begin fighting within themselves to the point that there won't be an effective government.

Yet, after this very difficult birthing process, the phoenix will fly free. There will not be minorities and there will not be leaders. Man will return to the ways of the Indians, using only what they must use from the land and offering gratitude in return. Life will become simple and prayers will be offered because they are felt, not expected. The Indian Nation will rise through widespread adaptation of its ways of natural living and the deep human philosophy.

If asked what touched me most deeply in this book, I would answer that I am incredibly grateful for free will because as long as we cherish that gift, the future can be bright and that in accepting my spirit, I will know peace.

I'm Beth Winter and I thank you for joining us on this month's Book Talk. We will have discussion on the event page and invite you to join us.

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