Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blue Sky Highway™ [episode 006] "The Imperfect Nest" News!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Metro-Detroit, Michigan (Global) - The Blue Sky Highway™ (BSH) is pleased to announce that Episode #006 The Imperfect Nest, which aired on Saturday, April 5, with an 8:30 A.M., live pre-show, was received very well by listeners.

Producers/hosts Roger Allen Baut and Michael Ash Sharbaugh opened the show and brought some interesting thoughts, insights, and shout-outs to give the episode a brilliant send-off.

Michael Ash Sharbaugh's episode was brilliantly composed as he created a compilation that brought music, vocals, and spoken word into an exquisite tapestry of sound.

[Baut Images: The Imperfect Nest]

The Imperfect Nest is this episode's theme for the compilation of tracks in the show. Inspiration for this title: a nest keeps one warm and cozy on the inside--its function: on the outside, however, it has jagged edges and sticks protruding every which way--an appearance which belies its function. All of the pieces in this broadcast have the capacity to comfort and to invoke contemplation, despite some of their 'baroque' outward 'appearances'.

If you haven't listened to this episode, please take a few moments to click on the link:

♦ Headphones are recommended for full and in-depth aural encounter, as well as contemplative experience.

Early STATS, for the episode, are:

BTR: 112 archive listens. 20 live listens = 132 listeners
SoundCloud: 124 listens
Bringing total listens for both shows to:
 256 listens in the first day after the episode at 1:45 PM EDT.
[Data as of 04.05.2014]

This is a splendid number of listens for this episode.

The BSH wants to thank all of our artists, and friends
who took a moment to RT, 'share,' and 'comment' on the show!

If we are going to be successful as artists, and as a people,
it may only occur through the mutual sharing of our artistic endeavors.

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