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Blue Sky Highway™ [episode 007] "Thoughts from Waking Dreams" ~ Update

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Metro-Detroit, Michigan (Global) - The Blue Sky Highway™ (BSH) is pleased to announce that Episode #007, Thoughts from Waking Dreams, which 'aired' on Sunday, May 4, 2014, at 12 NN, EDT, with 11:30 AM 'live' pre-show, is doing quite well with listeners! 

Baut Images: Thoughts of Waking Dreams

Click on this link to go directly to episode #007
with specially selected featured artists and tracks from:

EvenS: "Cosmic Dream"

Pino Rastovich: "KARADUMAN DREAM"

Jonas Mix Larsen: "Mixhouse vs. Enigma"

East Elysium: "The Beautiful Possession"

POP ETC: "Speak Up" [Chasing Tao edit/Remix]

Synthland: "Lost/Found"

HH Records: Chants:"Don't Miss You" [fea Ramzi Awn]


Michael Ash Sharbaugh: "Infrastructure"

Luke Prater: "Alice"

DollChe: "Landing of the Dandelion Seeds on the Lake"

Pinscape: "The Moon Woke Me" [IG88 Remix]

Maevyn Davis-Rackerby: "Lost Girls" [As read by Xe Sands]

Cocteau Twins: "Song to the Siren (Here I Am) [Andrew Melt Remix]

Relax your heart: "Gopala 'So Smooth...'"

kenetik: "Departure"

Bonus track:
Otso: "The Beginning of the End"

Background sound/music:
Marek Iwaszkiewicz: "Oyasuminasai No. 1"

Special Announcement: The BSH is in the process of developing a 'special' episode, entitled, "A Kaleidoscope of Music, Sound, and Spoken Word."

If you would like to have your music, compilation, and/or spoken word featured in this upcoming episode of the BSH, please click here for our submission guidelines and contact information.

(as of 05.06.2014)

Thoughts through Waking Dreams [Ep #007]: 187

The Imperfect Nest [Ep #006]: 843 Total 'listens'

Air Castles [Ep #005]: 1,058 Total 'listens'

A Journey [Ep #004]: 1,315 Total 'listens'

Ep #003: 1,771 Total 'listens'

Ep #002: 1,901 Total 'listens'

Ep #001: 1,754 Total 'listens'

As of 05.01.2014: Grand Total of all BSH listens: 8,829

The BSH is designed to have an ambient, chill, relaxing, and soundscape flavour to it, so that our listeners may enter into a greater sense of awareness, contemplation, creativity, and relaxation.

We also encourage the sharing and promotion of artists, artisans, musicians, and writers who are featured in this episode, whether in the form of a RT (retweet), Share, and/or Google +1.

The Blue Sky Highway is:
Roger Allen Baut - Michael Ash Sharbaugh
and Adrian Hallam

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