Monday, June 2, 2014

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Metro-Detroit, Michigan (Global) - The Creative Nexus is pleased to announce that the Blue Sky Highway™ (BSH) episode #008, "Through the Broken Doorway," [fea Buson (translation by Robert Haas)] from episode Producer Michael Ash Sharbaugh airs on Saturday, June 7th, with an 11:30 AM live pre-show on BlogTalkRadio, and 12:00 PM simulcast on SoundCloud. Producers and Hosts Roger Allen Baut and Michael Ash Sharbaugh will be on hand to give the listeners updates, comments, insights, and shout-outs on the live pre-show.

Special Guest Call-in:

"Through the Broken Doorway" is this episode's theme for the compilation of tracks in the show. Michael states, "When I set out to compile this eighth episode of the Blue Sky Highway, 'Through the Broken Doorway,' I sought songs and instrumentals that were a bit psychedelic in nature -- a little on the 'trippy' side. Some are classic psychedelica. Some are mystifying. Just as beholding a dilapidated doorway might cause disorientation to one's vision, likewise, these sonic inclusions have the potentialities to bewilder, however much as they enthrall. Hence, 'Through the Broken Doorway.'" 

Through the Broken Doorway

Click on this link to go directly to episode #008
with especially selected featured artists and tracks from:

Michael Ash Sharbaugh: "The Broken Doorway"

DarkStar83: "The Mary Celeste"

Mountain Songs, (fea Brian Reeves):
"Sorry, I'm No Good at That Sort of Thing"

Phonograph Johnson: "Pterodactylope" 

A Beautiful Place: "Hello, World"

HeadPhonesRecord: "Jim Naked-In the Wild"

Messages in Light: "The Journey 2: The Harvest"

Fermented Foam Fishes: "Wander Fog"

Mountain Ash Forest: "Northern Light"

MUSH (not British DJ Mush):
"I Have Everything, I'm Waiting"

Patrick Edward Fagan: "Light of Day"

Blue Room Green: "Falling in Slow Motion"

Masaya Ozaki: "Ice"

Mono Girl: "Sheep" [demo]

SPECIAL PREMIERE: The BSH will be presenting the latest offering from Michael Ash Sharbaugh and Gold & Water, Patience Dear, during the pre-show. Something you won't want to miss!

(as of 06.02.2014)

"Thoughts from Waking Dreams" [Ep007]: 748
"The Imperfect Nest" [Ep006]: 881
"Air Castles" [Ep005]: 1,147
"A Journey" [Ep004]: 1,332
[Ep003]: 1,787
[Ep002]: 1,930
[Ep001]: 1,765

Total listens to all BSH episodes: 9,590

The BSH is designed to have an ambient, chill, relaxing, and soundscape flavour to it, so that our listeners may enter into a greater sense of awareness, contemplation, creativity, and relaxation.

We also encourage the sharing and promotion of artists, artisans, musicians, and writers who are featured in this episode, whether in the form of a RT (retweet), Share, and/or Google +1.

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