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Blue Sky Highway™ [episode 010] "Calliope's Tears" - Update

Blue Highway © Frank Webster

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Metro-Detroit, Michigan (Global) - The latest episode of The Blue Sky Highway™, Calliope's Tears [Ep #010], from Michael Ash Sharbaugh, aired Sunday, September 7th, and is the Tenth episode in the Blue Sky Highway™ series.

Interestingly, from a mythological perspective, Calliope was one of the nine Muses in Greek mythology, and is also known as the Muse of epic poetry. Numerologically, the number 10, or decad, represents a completed cycle, and the starting point of a new one. 

Osho Zen Tarot - X - Change

It also indicates a transition to a new phase or plane of existence. In the Tarot, 10 represents The Wheel, which is also known as Arcanum X, and is representative of the Wheel of Destiny. It seems to me quite fitting this episode takes on the Numerological and Tarotic aspects of the number 10.

Calliope's Tears may be listened to on BlogTalkRadio, and SoundCloud, and may be accessed through the links that follow.

Please note: episodes are best listened to with headphones

Join the BSH in this exciting adventure
in sound, inner-sight, and sensory experience.

Featured artists for this episode:

GOTHICSTORM MUSIC - A Universe in a Teardrop

Giyo - Are the Animals Gone

Julsy [fea Quiet Sun] - Before Hibernation
and Luciole Langevine - L'Inhumanite

Hazel Iris - Spacey Jane

Blood 'n' Tongue [Mr. Fist] - Calling Forth the Spirits

ZebMachine - Destiny

Bam Spacey - Taigan

MBeckmann TVSM - L'Armature

NoisE LaB - The Missing

eyezwitouttaface - In and Out of Time

LeClair - Winter Marches On

Agitation Phi - Om Sweet Om

It is through innovative music, writing, vocals, and thought,
that one may enter into a contemplative state, and thereby,
pass into  into a greater sense of awareness.

(Listens per episode as of 09.13.2014)

Links will take you to the designated episodes.

"Calliope's Tears" [Ep010]: 292
(air date: 09.07.2014)

"A Kaleidoscope of Music, Sound, and Spoken Word" [Ep009]: 645
(air date: 08.03.2014)

"Through the Broken Doorway" [Ep008]: 1,127
(air date: 06.07.2014)

"Thoughts from Waking Dreams" [Ep007]: 1,077
(air date: 05.04.2014)

"The Imperfect Nest" [Ep006]: 997
(air date: 05.04/2014)

"Air Castles" [Ep005]: 1,386
(air date: 03.02.2014)

"A Journey" [Ep004 fea Alan Watts]: 1,412

(air date: 01.12.2014)

"Fortes - Fortuna - Adiuvat" [Ep003 fea John Anstie]: 1,834
(air date 11.17.2013)

"Ride Life" [Ep002 fea Bono]: 2,049
(air date: 10.06.2013)

"A Dream within a Dream" [Ep001]: 1,814
(air date: 08.22.2013)

Total listens to all BSH episodes: 12,633

The Blue Sky Highway is:
Roger Allen Baut,
Michael Ash Sharbaugh,
and Adrian Hallam

Best wishes are in order for Michael Ash Sharbaugh who has co-produced and hosted four unique BSH episodes [#005 - Air Castles], [#006 - The Imperfect Nest], [#008 - Through the Broken Doorway], and [#010 - Calliope's Tears] as he moves forward in developing several new projects.

and also to Adrian Hallam, who is working
on several new projects, including collaborative efforts.

A big Creative Nexusshout out and thank you to:

John Anstie
 My Poetry Library

Susie Clevenger
at the Butterfly Poet

Kim Williams
of the Indie Media Weekly

for their ongoing support to art,
artists, musicians, poets and the spoken word!

• The Creative Nexus, and its several projects,
are now on a late summer/early Autumn haitus.

"By supporting one another, and
sharing each other's creative endeavors, we all benefit!"

Roger Allen Baut


  1. ☯ Welcome to this tenth episode of the Blue Sky Highway and "Calliope's Tears," [ep010] from Michael Ash Sharbaugh! This is Michael's fourth episode, beginning with [ep005], [ep006], and on to [ep008]. Each episode is unique in it's own special way! Enjoy! ☯

  2. Roger Allen Baut and Michael Ash Sharbaugh, you two are worthy of much praise, putting this show together and Roger for conceiving the idea of the Blue Sky Highway in the first place and building it into what it is today. Much, much credit to you, friend. I am more than pleased and privileged to have been invited to perform on your show, thank you for the opportunity.

    1. ☯ Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts/comments John! Your input is sincerely appreciated! I'm so happy you are enjoying the concept and episodes of the Blue Sky Highway! It's been great having you on several of the episodes, and look forward to your continued participation, as we move forward into the future! ☯

      Best regards,
      Roger ☺