Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Creative Nexus™ NWCU and Silver Phoenix Award News

 Saturday, January 3, 2015 

Metro-Detroit, Michigan (Global) - It's 2015 y'all, and as the new year opens, it looks like it's going to be a very busy and auspicious one.

• The New World Creative Union (NWCU) continues with a full complement of over 250 members. As I am sure you are aware the premise of the NWCU is for artists to present their laudable creative work, and share it with others, and to also have others share their work too; look for some new features to come along as we move in to 2015.

• In 2015, The Creative Nexus™ continues its cooperative venture with the Indie Media Weekly (IMW), Indie Media Weekly Radio (IMWR) and Kim Williams with its Winds of Change series of triplets. The triplet is a creative article that includes an image, written component, and video/music selection to complement one another. It also carries the theme of the written portion throughout the article. Click on the above 'triplet' link to see the latest offering, "Winds of Change: Arcanum XVI (The Tower)," which has its origins in Arcanum XVI of the Tarot.

• Upcoming features for the Indie Media Weekly and Indie Media Weekly Radio are audio-bios of musicians and composers that The Creative Nexus™ has featured in several of its Blue Sky Highway™ (BSH™) radio shows, as well as new artists, and episodes of the BSH!

• Look for a return of The Creative Nexus Café...the café is calling!

Blue Highway ©Frank Webster
• The Creative Nexus is pleased to announce that Season One of the BSH™ was very well received, so much so, that a Season Two is now in Phase 1 of preparation. The overall STATS indicate that listeners are still tuning in to Season One on SoundCloud (SC) and Blog Talk Radio (BTR). The contemplative nature of the BSH seems to be calling listeners back for more drives along the highway. Season Two will also be featured on IMW and IMWR.

STATS for Season One are as follows:

(SC & BTR Listens per episode as of 01.02.2015)
Links should take you to the designated episodes.

*"Calliope's Tears" [Ep010]: 561
(air date: 09.07.2014)

"A Kaleidoscope" [Ep009]: 969
(air date: 08.03.2014)

*"Through the Broken Doorway" [Ep008]: 1,354
(air date: 06.07.

"Thoughts from Waking Dreams" [Ep007]: 1,214
(air date: 05.04.2014)

*"The Imperfect Nest" [Ep006]: 1065
(air date: 04.05/2014)

*"Air Castles" [Ep005]: 1,519
(air date: 03.02.2014)

"A Journey" [Ep004 fea Alan Watts]: 1,499
(air date: 01.12.2014)

"Fortes - Fortuna - Adiuvat" [Ep003 fea John Anstie]: 1,884
(air date 11.17.2013)

"Ride Life" [Ep002 fea Bono]: 2,129
(air date: 10.06.2013)

"A Dream within a Dream" [Ep001]: 1,938
(air date: 08.22.2013)

Total listens to all BSH episodes: 14,132

* Episode 005, 006, 008 and 010 were
co-produced and hosted by Michael Ash Sharbaugh

Special thanks are in order:

for their ongoing and support to art, artists, musicians, poets and the spoken word!

The Silver Phoenix Award for Merit 2015

The New World Creative Union (NWCU) Silver Phoenix Award was established in the Autumn of 2012, and is awarded for the following reasons:

1. To designate someone who has won in any of the NWCU 'special events,' such as the NWCU Autumn Kick-Off' event, et cetera.

2. To someone who has demonstrated a high level of 'liking,' 'sharing,' or promoting' of the NWCU and Creative Nexus, as well as sharing others artists, artisans, musicians, and writer's commendable creative endeavors.

3. Provided exceptional assistance, and/or service to the NWCU in General.

4. This award, for numbers 2 and 3, will be made at the discretion of an active founder, and administrator of the NWCU.

Silver Phoenix Award for Merit 2015

Kim Williams

Kim Williams, proprietor of the Indie Medial Weekly (IMW) and Indie Media Weekly Radio (IMWR) has been acquainted with The Creative Nexus, New World Creative Union, Blue Sky Highway, and Creative Nexus Café. She  has appeared on the Creative Nexus Café and Blue Sky Highway, and has always been willing to lend a hand, provide input, and share the good work of The Creative Nexus and artists associated with it.

She is also a veteran of the United States Air Force, serving in the first Gulf War, and began her 25 year career in healthcare in the military, as a paramedic. However, she left the financial rewards of the corporate healthcare world behind, as she witnessed it evolve into a soul sucking profit, before people model.

She says, "I sold the big house and all the toys, and bought a cabin on 5 acres, on the top of a mountain in Tennessee. It was there I began an awakening to the fact, that the 1% were robbing people blind, via our own government, which led me to start a "new fangled" thing called a blog, that developed over several years into what I have now at the IMW and IWMR."

Kim is also an advocate for human rights, freedom of speech and expression, and a clean planetary environment. She is one of the few people, I have met, that was practicing the main core of the NWCU principles, in sharing and promoting the laudable work of others.

It is with a great amount of pleasure, to me, for Kim Williams to be named a recipient of The Silver Phoenix Award for Merit, for 2015.

If you like, you can tune in to Kim on Fridays during the daytime on Kim's Juke Box, and Turn Up The Night with Kenny Pick, every Friday, alternating all 3 hours, and hour 3 where Kim features indie artists in her "Indie Media Moment' segment.

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