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Blue Sky Highway™ News for 10.26.2014

Blue Highway © Frank Webster

Monday, October 27, 2014

Metro-Detroit, Michigan (Global) - The Creative Nexus is pleased to announce the success of Season One of its Blue Sky Highway (BSH) series! The BSH's first episode was aired on August 8, 2013, and completed 10 episodes prior to going on haitus. It has been an often exciting ride, with all the talented musicians, artists, composers, et cetera. Here are the current statistics for each show.

BSH STATS for Season One
(Listens per episode, BTR and SoundCloud, as of 10.26.2014)

Links will take you to the designated episodes.

"Calliope's Tears" [Ep010]: 464
(air date: 09.07.2014)

"A Kaleidoscope of Music, Sound, & Spoken Word" [Ep009]: 896
(air date: 08.03.2014)

"Through the Broken Doorway" [Ep008]: 1,242
(air date: 06.07.2014)

"Thoughts from Waking Dreams" [Ep007]: 1,077
(air date: 05.04.2014)

"The Imperfect Nest" [Ep006]: 1,024
(air date: 05.04/2014)

"Air Castles" [Ep005]: 1,454
(air date: 03.02.2014)

"A Journey" [Ep004 fea Alan Watts]: 1,446

(air date: 01.12.2014)

"Fortes - Fortuna - Adiuvat" [Ep003 fea John Anstie]: 2,195
(air date 11.17.2013)

"Ride Life" [Ep002 fea Bono]: 2,088
(air date: 10.06.2013)

"A Dream within a Dream" [Ep001]: 1,828
(air date: 08.22.2013)

Total listens to all BSH episodes: 13,793

The Blue Sky Highway - Season One:
Roger Allen Baut,
Michael Ash Sharbaugh,
and Adrian Hallam

The BSH thanks all of its participating artists, writers, composers, hosts, and staff for a phenomenal Season One. 

Many compliments have been received regarding the structure, artists, and program design for the several episodes.

A special thank you is in order for the talented Michael Ash Sharbaugh who has co-produced, hosted, and participated in four unique BSH episodes [#005 - Air Castles], [#006 - The Imperfect Nest], [#008 - Through the Broken Doorway], and [#010 - Calliope's Tears]. Check these episodes out if you have missed any of them, and listen to what each episode presents.

and to Adrian Hallam, who is working 
on several new projects, including some new collaborative efforts.

As well as a big Creative Nexusshout out
and thank you to each of these exceptionally creative souls:

John Anstie
 My Poetry Library

Susie Clevenger
at the Butterfly Poet

Kim Williams
of the Indie Media Weekly

for their ongoing support to art,
artists, musicians, poets and the spoken word!

• Please note: The Blue Sky Highway is continuing on haitus.

"In supporting one another, and
sharing each other's creative endeavors, we all benefit!"

Roger Allen Baut

It's all about the colours of light contained within sound!

Blog featured song: Kim Guy - All My Colours
(Echo & The Bunny Men as seen by The Atwood Machine)

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