Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Wake-Up Features @GothicGlass

Today, I'd love to share with you a wonderful Nova Scotia artist I discovered on twitter.  Angie Chase began her Gothic Glass creations while residing on Canada's West Coast.  Here, she began building a following through the online ether that would follow her back home.  While many may think that Gothic Glass refers to subculture, the term is actually used in reference to that particular period in stained glass architectural history. It speaks of the pointed arches, the ribbed vaults and flying buttresses, but perhaps, most notably, the rose window.

I have purchased Angie's works, and was delighted by the quality, not to mention the affordability of her pieces.  Today, I'm going to share some of my favorite pieces with you, (with Angie's permission, of course) and would love to see how this amazing art form get's your own creative juices flowing.  You'll also find links to her work included for sharing with your response.  Let's spread the good news of this wonderful artisan!

This is how we play...

  • Spend some time with Angie's wonderful pieces. Feel free to visit her pages and pick your favorites. Share the piece with appropriate links on your blog.
  • Let your creative take over. Are you compelled to pick up a pen? Grab a paint brush? Bang your drum? No matter how you choose to respond, if you can post it to your blog, you can share it with NWCU
  • Once your post is complete, visit our Mr.Linky button below.  Here you will be asked to submit your name, as well as the address of the post you're sharing. Once you do this, you're in! 
  • Our purpose is to spread the good work of artists and creatives the world over. Visit those who have decided to play along, comment, tweet, and share their responses with your peers.  Let's help each other build our fan bases, grow our following, and share our work.  You never know where the next great connection will be found!
  • You have till Sunday morning, 8amEST to post your response. Throughout the prompt, we will be tallying the +1's on the post. The longer you have to share, the better chance you have of taking home our Creative Designate badge! 
And perhaps most of all, a huge thank you has to go out to Angie for letting me share her wonderful work with you! Please don't forget to swing by and show your gratitude....

Follow Angie on Twitter
Become a fan on FB Gothic Glass Studio
or visit her shop on Etsy  About Gothic Glass Studio (Est 1988)

Birth Goddess (Amber) by Gothic Glass Studios

Owl ~ Gothic Glass Studios
Sunflower ~ Gothic Glass Studios

Blue Goddess ~Gothic Glass Studios (hanging in MY window!)

Amazing work, eh?  Mr. Linky is ready and waiting!



  1. This looks fun! I appreciate your positive feedback and passion adds a little colour to your home :)

  2. I am so coveting that amber Birth Goddess! :) Thank you Angie, for allowing us to use your work

  3. me to Tash!! I was just going to say that :)) gorgeous pieces Angie - Lib

  4. Gorgeous artwork, Angie. I love where your sunflower piece led me. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I've come to you as habits do / and habits you have made / I love this wednesday wake up call / you asked and so I did :)