Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Wake-Up @NWCreativeUnion

After what seems to have been a pretty rough week for everyone out there in the real world, I thought this week we should have a little fun...Remember when we had dreams we really thought we could achieve...let's go back to that feeling...when we KNEW beyond the shadow of a doubt we could make the world a better place, and magic existed all around. When our hearts trusted, and our minds were change, to adventure.  We lose so much of "us" in our day to day survival, so we asking you to...bring YOU! Let's talk about your dreams, your hopes, your wishes for yourself and the world...and let's get our hearts back to that happy place...

"These Dreams"

Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible. ~Jane Rubietta

MidSummer's Night Dream ~ google images


Here's how we play. Enjoy some time with the prompts above. Read the quote, take in the picture, hum along with the song, and see how your inner-creator is prompted.  Then...

  • Post your response to your blog.  Copy the link address of your post.
  • Click our Mr. Linky button. Enter your name, and paste the proper address of your response where indicated. Click submit...and you're in!
  • Revist Mr. Link to see who else is hooking up with us this week.  We run through till Sunday morning, when the prompt closes at 8am EST
  • We are a community hoping to foster a relationship of caring and sharing with other creators.  We KNOW it's not all about us, but about everybody, and we want to see the amazing talent who has graced our pages being shared with the world. So share away...and above all else...Dare to Dream!


  1. Great NWCU WWUC prompt, Natasha! Especially like the 'triplet' effect! AND, my goodness Fleetwood Mac too!


  2. Oh, I am all onboard! Great prompt!

  3. lol cheers what roger said. I tried. and success or no, it was fun to let the music played over and over in my headset take me away :)

  4. I love the prompt. I am a dreamer so it is perfect for me.