Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Wake-Up Call 10.10.12 @NWCreativeUnion

Captive of this house

All of us at New World Creative Union  would like to welcome you to another Wednesday Wake Up Call. I (Moondustwriter) took a photo of this painting of a girl who looked like an apparition. I wondered if she belonged to the old house ( turned into a B & B) I was staying in. I could see a story in her eyes. She seems like a perfect inspiration for this time of year.
This picture may evoke poetry, a story, your own work of art, or a combination of your creativity. We look forward to seeing and reading what you have this week for WWUC.
Helpful Guidelines:
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  •  The prompt is live for a total of four days.
  •  Make sure you use your actual post address and not the general address of your blog. This way folks will be taken directly to your response
  •  That's it! Your name will appear hyper-linked on our Mr. Linky page along with our other entrants.
  •  Remember, our purpose is to ultimately share the good works of our group.
  •  Don't forget! Even if you do not participate please:
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  •  Visit those who have participated. Enjoy commenting and engaging with your fellow creatives.
 We hope you enjoy the prompt, community and interacting.



  1. Looking forward to some great responses to this. Be sure to set your radio dials and listen in to NWCU's first Blog Talk Radio tomorrow

  2. that is a freaky picture...whoever did it did a great job putting it together...and great to see you hosting rock!

    1. Thanks Bri (you rock 2)
      That was my shot - I think the photo with the staircase adds an eerie element

    2. Thanks Bri ( you rock 2)

      I took the shot and love the eerie staircase in the reflection

      Happy WWUC

    3. Im loving my computer today - it keeps telling me my comments arent going through

    4. ha you gotta love technology at times....very does add an element moon...

      hope you are well.

  3. Great image Leslie and certainly and inspiration for the season! Love the prompt!

    Roger ☺

  4. Oh dear...might be having a little too much fun with this one! Leslie..a fantastic shot and so perfect for the time of year! :)

  5. This is one of those images that, depending on your frame of mind at the time, could either freak the mind or inspire with an empathetic response. Somehow, it is the latter that coursed my veins this afternoon. What is stranger still, that I am nearly the first to respond. Very unusual for me!

    Thanks Leslie for a great prompt!

    1. John..I've got three responses written so far and am now debating a doodle to accompany them! lol I just have to decide...hmmm...perhaps visiting yours will help me make up my mind! :)

  6. Cool image Leslie! I hope I'll find time to play with it later. It definitely evokes.

  7. Fun prompt, thanks for hosting Moon. Excellent link-ups so far, can't wait to see what else is shared. Really enjoyable, thanks.

  8. Hrmm...dunno if I did the link thing quite right, first time I've tried it, but anyway, hi! Hooray for a wednesday wakeup call on thursday! *grins*

    Nice stuff all around so far, good way to start the morning... :)

    (( Oh, and just in case I borked the link... ))

  9. Yeah... I finally posted! Thanks so much for this prompt... and for encouraging me to s t r e t c h.

  10. Yeah! I finally made it!! Love the image prompt Leslie!!

  11. very cool. Hope I'm not too late to join in.